Progress is not Always Linear.

When my parents bought something nice for me back when I was way younger, I got so excited that I thought about how good I’m going to feel off of it, at the most inappropriate times. I remember when my mum bought me some swagger jeans back before the 2010’s. I don’t really recall which day of the week she broke the news but I can promise you it was not close to a Sunday. I don’t know whether you guys feel me when I talk of a “Sunday Best” but I’d suppose atleast not all of you grew in pyjamas πŸ˜‚.

I wore the damn ’05’ before going to bed every night before Sunday actually happened, probably to confirm they still fit. And, I had not yet outgrown them 😝. Its interesting how the jacket still lives on till today. Anyways, I think its just natural for us to overly estimate and value things whenever they are new to us and overly under estimate or value things when we are accustomed to them. Okay, not like the new clothes thingy, but rather the experience. Its always exciting to imagine of whats possible before it actually happens, but often, we all tend to over estimate everything; Including how we are going to feel about things if and when they happen. And usually, we are wrong.

Take a moment and think about it… Actually I should say reflect. Meditation made me realize how difficult it is to actually give everything 100% of your concentration. I know someone will read this and be like, pssssh*t, I can easily concentrate and focus. You know what? You go and try it, or better still, yoga and you’ll realize how much we under-apreciate life and everything mundane about existence. Back to my story, I challenge you whenever you read this to pause and think about your new ’05 experience. When you found “the one”, that moment you realized you made it to campus, or that moment after a good news response message from KNEC… Yeah, I said it.

Or that moment after that mega deal goes through. My favourite, is the new found love story because I am more familiar with that. Here’s the thing, as a man, I’m always excited about the next girl I’m going to meet. Definitely, I’m not going to explain why πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but, lets just say I like to interact with people without being so specific. When I meet an interesting human, I am always excited to learn what they like, what they are like, what pisses them off, what makes them tick, and stuff like that. But, as time passes, I tend to care less because the things I learn about people along the way influence how I eventually feel about them.

Some I’ll completely give up on, but thats not interesting so, those whom I maintain contact; usually its because they are interesting in some unique way. Someone could be great, but if we really have nothing in common, its difficult for to maintain the interest to make it interesting 😎. Thats why we definitely shun people as meet them; its not your fault, you just didn’t vibe… The streets will say.

Progress is not always linear.

Some inspired soul.

In my self improvement journey, I have discovered I almost always over estimate things at first, then highly underestimate them later. This is a significant fault in nature but, in a time of too much information, we all need mechanisms to cope with the bombarding social media, news sources, radio, TV, internet… Either way, I thought I should try and change that so I decided “I hate small talk” and instead want to use all available opportunities to get to know people for who they truly are.

One problem, people want a lot of things from other people but rarely will people want to be vulnerable. Yet, thats the only way to connect with the true version of us. I think we all talk about how everyone should be real, yet we fail to define what that entails. I think thats by intent to avoid responsibility and vulnerability. Because if we actually did, we’d have to score ourselves against the very scale and thats against our ego and nature won’t let us. Neurology suggests the brain is wired to protect us from harm at all times. Thats why when you are on a cliff edge, your head is all up with threats of how you could crash and die dissolving in thin air before you hit the bottom.

Success requires taking risks, and with our brains designed to protect us from harm at all times, risk taking may be quite an undertaking even for potentially beneficial situations… I call them leverage points. Situations where 5% action potentially yields anything above the 5% in benefits. Take working out as an example; investing 10 minutes everyday in exercise yields benefits worth much more. Most people agree that is something worth doing if returns supersedes investment. I read somewhere that progress is not always linear… Gave me Joy 🀭 since improving certain attributes of our lives requires only but minor tweaks in our everyday habits.

Choose to be better, choose to be real, whatever that means to you… Change is inevitable, they always preach that; but what they don’t like to announce very much is that change is damn difficult to embrace. Whatever it is you do, however you do it just keep improving. Rome wasn’t built in a day, similarly, to enact the biggest difference means taking the little milestone one at a time. Like a staircase!

Keep it 100%, celebrate what makes you happy and if something makes you mad or uncomfortable, face it. I think we all have one life and nobody should make me feel bad for being myself, and neither should you. Appreciate the people whose intentions are genuine, and embrace diversity. I don’t want y’all judging others just because you can pretend better. The world needs more kindness, and I believe part of that is appreciating people for who they are. After all, even you are not that great…(check it out and confirm you suck ✌🏿).

Till next time… And take that first stair πŸ₯‚πŸ€

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