The Art of Conversation

We are living in a time when every conversation we get ourselves into has the potential of resolving into an argument. Currently, almost everything has people fighting for and against, even the most trivial things, meaning people will prefer to avoid conversations even more as time passes. Pew Research conducted a study on 10,000 adults … Continue reading The Art of Conversation

Balance is Talent!

5 minutes read I like talking to people, different kinds if you may. See, I am what most of you would call a people person. Besides earning me a degree, being a Microbiologist and spending a significant portion of my past years studying those little organisms has taught me that; there is always more to … Continue reading Balance is Talent!

24-29 years phase

5 minute read Steve Waiganjo in 2016 said “the most difficult age for any man should be between 24 and 29 years, the pressure to be something, to be someone is so immense”. You probably don’t know him but, I assure you he is one wise Bro. See, during this phase, everyone seems to be … Continue reading 24-29 years phase

What is Meditation?

Before I began practicing meditation, I read a couple of books, psychology research papers, blogs, articles and a religion based book to try and understand meditation from a spiritual perspective. One foundational concept constantly reappearing during my reading was consciousness (addressed in another article), although meditation was often interpreted differently. Some people believe deeply thinking/contemplating … Continue reading What is Meditation?

They said, our noses run, but the feet smell.

"We should spend our lives questioning many of the things we've been taught and told. An inquisitive mind is an amazing thing. Absorbing information is important. Accepting everything you've been told as fact is laziness."Harry Petsanis Psychology defines emotion as the complex feeling that influences behavior due to physical and psychological changes. There are three … Continue reading They said, our noses run, but the feet smell.