Lord, Protect us from our Friends…

6 Mins Read. Also, I hope y’all doing alright; and, if you didn’t check out last week’s piece check it out here.

In the Old Chinese kingdom, probably around the late 1800, governance was beginning to flourish, but as you can imagine – Everything was weird. Imagine how it would feel if all of a sudden your neighbor decides to tax you calling themselves the government. Worse still, imagine your neighbor is physically weaker and threatens you with the “law” and things like “constitution” or such big scary names in the 1800’s. I’d probably whoop his little scary…😤 So, back to the China thing, these guys structured their governments around the already existing social groups. Let’s call them communities. So, these communities elected leaders, the generals, who would later appoint the emperor. The emperor would oversee the nation’s activities as a current day president would. Probably! 😂😂😂

Anyways, the little problem with the little scary guy’s government back in China was that the generals kept overthrowing the emperor. This meant that a general would form a coo, or is it coup? The way the government is taken forcefully by the people. Something like that… 🤦🏽‍♂️ So, generals would overthrow the emperor, replacing him with one of their allies. This however did not solve the problem, as another generals would easily create allies who would plan and execute the sitting emperor so they could replace him. For many years, generals kept murdering emperors, while emperors kept murdering generals to prevent a coo creating a cycle of power battles🥺.

So, years later as the trend continued, General Chao K’uang-yin became the emperor of China. Ultimately, he knew that his friends would soon plot to exterminate him so he faced a  huge decision.

On another different part of the globe, probably a whole other century, in England was a rich kid by the name Naa. He was the heir of a kingdom and his inheritance of leadership meant he had to choose a right hand man. Growing up in a rich family in England, meant the family had a stable. Naa had made a friend during his trips to the stables with one of the horse trainers, named Arama so on acquiring power, Naa promoted Arama to become the head of stables. Little later, he realized he could groom Arama to be the right hand man considering their friendship. So he promoted him again upon proper grooming to become the advisor. A few months later, Arama advised Naa to exterminate his uncle Noil ☠️⚰️ on the context that he would plot to eliminate him as he had conspired to put Naa in power.

Upon eliminating Noil, Arama pitched for Noil’s job as head of military and state security, which he was given considering how far they had come with Naa. All was merry until Naa had become strained on cash due to his extravagance promoting him to request some assistance from Arama who had now accumulated a lot of wealth. As we would expect, Noil declined assisting Naa despite all the favors he had done raising him from a horse instructor to a well to do businessman👀.

Remember the General Chao story? So, he actually offered the generals invitation to a party upon his election as emperor where he gave them wine and booze 🍺. Later when everyone was worked up and ready to head home, the emperor sent the general’s security away sending fears he might be planning to murder the generals. He used force to eliminate the security, and flaunted power to create the fear among the generals. “The pleasure of power is having riches and government access. I will grant you that, and add states to anyone willing to surrender their tokens of power as bonuses” then let them leave.

They all surrendered their generalissimo powers allowing the emperor to rule for many years, restoring stability in China. You, may be wondering where this is all headed I suppose. Friends, how many of those have you got?🤔 Here’s what I think – “while we all have friends, or people we assume are friends, chances are that at least once, people who you counted on as friends failed to turn up for you. There are people I would do anything for, family or not; without expecting anything in return from them because I’d be squaring things up for something nice they did too. The English men say ‘when you see a river flowing uphill, someone is repaying a favor 📝.’ Dare I say, just as revenge is easier than forgiveness; friends are dangerous than enemies, especially in the current pretense filled life.

I mostly thank Social media for all this fake 💩 all over though, because everyone is trying to be cooler than everyone is online. Competition is human nature, and often the need to be cooler than the rest broods fierceness that may lead people to trump everything for selfish gains. Just like Arama, the people we call friends will be good and all smiley to us on our faces but bad mouth you, hate you, stinging jealousy, or even worse. The Legend Peter Tosh (reggae Artist) once said that we should pray to God to protect us from our friends, because our enemies, we always know them.


The first thing you see when you meet a friend is always teeth, in words of the mighty Peter, but if you could see the inner parts you could know the sucker is wicked 💯. Think back to a time you faked that smile for some reason, and go no further because at one point or another we’ve all done it. We are the fake friends we are talking about here, and the problem with this model, is that it becomes very difficult to know who the true friends are😢. In my younger years, I found myself in situations I could have sacrificed a great deal for people in the name of “friends” or better but; these very souls could not equal the same investment preferring a lesser commitment or no commitment from their end👎🏾.

I listened to Jowie’s interview the other day after life in prison and in his words 🗣️ “I don’t have friends. It’s either family or no one… All my friends let me down and only family supported me” Jowie Irungu. He goes on to lament how man lie to each other about all this friends thingy and how its only family that accepts people the way they are.

On that note I agree with him though, because, some of my friends I have shunned due to their behavior changes. I’m not all up against friendship brandishing everything as fake. But, we all have seen best friends become worst enemies. Be wary of who you let into your circle, are they people who can be trusted? Are they real with you? Because I’ll always prefer someone to hurt me with the truth. I feel there is no Integrity in being fake and I would rather stay without friends because then; I’d be at peace knowing I only have me and maybe family or one-two legit friend(s) rather than 🤡.

Emperor Chao knew his friends would fuck him over, so he designed a solution that included everyone. The power of observation and realism! The case of Naa, further highlights the significance of staying woke because people can be… well, they can be people. Friends know all your secrets, they know where would hurt most if they hit, and when you consider that everything has a price, it could be scary. Check your circle my people and if it aint real, it aint worth it🗑️🚮. Lord, protect us from our friends, our enemies we always know them.

28j 🗣️: Peace out, Stay Woke, Stay Real!!!

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