Perhaps you may/may not be familiar with the famous phrase, ‘Black Wall Street.’ Nonetheless, the phrase referred to the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), where the early 20th century African Americans created a self-sufficient and prosperous business district.

Today, the name commonly refers to districts occupied by African Americans with high economic activity. When African Americans realized the power derived from objective unity, they began to reorganize and soon black businesses including grocery stores, barbershops, doctors, and real estate opened. The neighborhood grew prosperous quickly and created its own schools and local newspaper.

Businesses were thriving until 1921 during the Tulsa riot, which is believed to have been orchestrated to tame the growing economic power of the black community in the region. The attack, which can be described as an act of terrorism, took a heavy toll on the community and its economy as assets and resources were destroyed, and efforts to rebuild the economy were met with resistance.

A year later, African American Professionals and business people began to aggressively rebuild their economy albeit the resistance and infiltration by white business people.
You could now be wondering how a story about a people, thousands of miles away from home, is worthy of our attention. In fact, one might easily argue that our circumstances, cultures, history, interests, and priorities differ.

However, many would also agree there are tons of lessons we can borrow from historical events. Quick flight back to our villages, where a people, so closely related by blood have chosen to defy the inner calling to, at all times, and to anyone, show Genuine LOVE, KINDNESS, and COMMPASSION.

A people whose forefathers fought in unison to expel the oppressor from our lands have chosen to turn a blind eye to their natural calling to serve humanity and God. The levels of class segregation, petty jealousy, hatred, greed, nepotism, corruption and other vices are worrisome, not to mention that the trend is not likely to change soon.

Think about it 👌🏿

Truth is, what happened in Tulsa, a century ago, CAN and MUST be replicated here at home. We need to acknowledge that we are HUMAN FIRST before we are anything else in life and we cannot underestimate the power of a united people. I believe that this is the time to know who/what the real enemy is, because it is certainly not your fellow hustler. BRIGHTER DAYS ARE COMING.

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