If you are out there somewhere, feeling lonely… You are not the only one.

I know you’re wondering why I have not been writing lately. But I like to write not because it’s already a Tuesday or a Wednesday but because I have something to share with my diary. Lately I have not been having a lot of great ideas so yeah that is it. But, here I am; and yeah, I did miss you 😊😊😊

I want to start with reminding you that one day, very soon, or maybe in future; (it’s better to say in future to protect your ego and feelings 😭). Someday, you and everyone you know are gonna die… you gonna be dead and only but a few people that exists right now will be there. The difference between those that are going to be there and right now (that you’re reading this point of the blog) when you are dead and forgotten ~ is time.

Bruce Lee once said that the only true scarcity in the universe is time anything else is just but a misuse and a mismanagement of time βœŒπŸΏπŸ’―. Obviously, time is a relative concept because the Republic of Ethiopia for example, right now, is probably in 2014 maybe 2013 while we are in 2020 nearing 2021. That is serious by the way πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ.

How I spend my time right now influences what I end up calling my past. Definitely, the past influence who I think I am. Now, I don’t know whether you have ever taken the time to pause and appreciate the fact that who you think you are is usually what people tell you ‘you’ are. The person whom we consider as “I” is usually different from the ‘body’. Here’s what I mean, when someone dies she goes to whatever place you guys think, but what we are left behind with is the body of that person πŸ‘€.

I’m going to narrate a story today for the culture. Once upon a time, there was this guy who was born into a rich family and the father was so wealthy that he wanted to raise the son without having to expose him to to the painful truths of life. He would give his son a dream life, a life he wished he led. The father build a Palace and erected very high walls around the palace to protect the son from the outside world.

After 20 something years or so; the son was all grown without ever experiencing any lack as whatever he wanted was provided to him. He did not know life’s painful truths. Not everyone is very welcoming, not everyone wishes you good things, and things like those.

One time, the son, out of curiousity, snuck out of the palace to see what was on the other side of the walls. To his surprise, a different world existed where people were poor and others struggling all the time for money doing hard and difficult stuff. It bothered him so much since he had never encountered or even thought about life from that perspective. On inheriting the father’s wealth, he decided to sell everything, give out all the money, and live in the streets. He was set to try and decode the purpose of life.

Like the great man he was, he did it. Years went by and and this guy came to live in the streets begging strangers for bread. He had nothing else to eat because he had run away from home after selling everything and this is what he wanted to pursue.

He ate s*** and led his life as a street urchin for almost 5 years. But then he realised that staying in the streets and living like this is not going to help. He decided like the great mind he was, to freshen up and then think of a great idea to do with his life; purpose. Something beneficial, to try and inspire humanity by exposing them to the hurtful truths of life. The truths he wasn’t able to learn growing up. Like the great Legend goes, he sat under a tree for 49 days until he got a great idea… A clear purpose.

I don’t want to delve into the logic of that but 49 days??!?.

This guy I’m talking about went on to be a great philosopher and writer after all this experience. I know you wondering what such a guy would have to say about life; right? I would if I were you πŸ€—… so he went on to be a world renowned legend with his teaching going on for generations. You might actually have heard of him. His name was Buddha.

I know you wondering why does this have to do with anything. But like Buddha, we always struggle with finding our purpose. The struggle to identify your centre, our beliefs, who we are… And things like that. Often, these are difficult conversations to engage our friends (here’s an article on friendships), or anyone else for that particular matter. So we tend to keep these thoughts closed up in our heads. Sometimes, you’ll feel lonely and terrified by the fear of the unknown.

Times like these, remember Buddha’s story. The guy led on until his late 20’s without the fundamental knowledge of how the universe really functions. Its never too late, and obviously, its not that bad. Take charge of your situations, your life, your story. Not because its going to be all flowery and full of good things, but because right now is all we’ve got.

You probably will have to suffer, sacrifice, and do all the hard work, so its going to demand your energy. “I don’t want to do that, I prefer playing FIFA and hanging out with the people who idolise me and my shitty stories” I’d say. But as is with life, there is no end to suffering. You just need to decide what is worth your suffering.

For Buddha, that was ‘purpose’ as indicated by his determination to pursue the difficult things. He probably did not need to sell everything and live on the streets, but that was part of the journey. As an occasional gambler I say…

You cannot win, unless you play the game.

C. Boogies Jugs

Similarly, perfection is all but an illusion. Take pride in being imperfect, being wrong, being scared, lonely, disturbed or whatever it is because these moments are what defines us. Do not be a product of ego, rather, let purpose and being manifest in the human. Its okay to be whatever it is you are, weird or crazy, kind or mean, stupid or dumb, because we all have these made up stories to inspire our hope. And nobody really knows the future, its for us to find out.

Stay weird but kindness is a must. Thanks for the read πŸ’œ.

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