You are Not that Great.

Let’s assume I wrote the philosophy of my life somewhere on a stone tablet but the bad guys came and broke it. Now, I’m so famous and someone asked me to talk about the philosophy. Here is what I would say… A philosophy of life is not some conceptual model that you follow when it’s convenient, or one that you use to trick yourself into thinking you are the greatest of all time. No!

You only live once… life is short… these are some of the most prominent philosophies at this point in time but I think they are crazy. (I like crazy, but I also like to grow and improve because, well… life is a process). If you follow this philosophy all your life, you might as well become an alien because, impossible is nothing. Anyway, other people like to live by the golden rule, Do unto others what you want other to do to you… Or something like that. Haha, try leading all your life like this, in 2020, and you’ll suffer from anxiety and die within an instance.

Truth is, we are all selfish egoistic suck ups going through shit and trying to figure things out. There is a little game society has attuned our minds to, and we are all victims of it, and if you do not pay attention you end up sucked up in it. Here’s how the game goes…

People: …”nothing is impossible, we are all great, desire is the key for true greatness, determination and dedication is the difference between millionaires and..”

Your Mind: If you actually worked hard, stayed determined and dedicated, then maybe you could buy that phone you’ve been admiring.

You: Work hard and fail terribly at whatever you were pursuing. Actually, you fail perfectly!

                                                … wait

Let’s be positive for a moment… so you achieve the goal and buy a phone.

Service Provider: “Dear customer, around here, nothing’s free… You actually need airtime sucker.”

You: Shits, I need to buy a message bundle, internet bundle, and talk time.

People: By the way, How much did this cost??… There is this phone you could’ve bought and it’s actually cheaper/ closely priced.

Parents: What did you post today on whatsapp? What was that son?? What have you become???

You: Mum n Dad BLOCKED!!!

Friend: My mum is cooler than yours. See what she sent me on the green app… Yikes**

You: FML!

YouTube: Watch this and you will be happy forever.

People: You are becoming addicted to those phones you always holding in your hands.

People: Life is not fair…

Tinder: Someone likes you… “is this the start of something good?”


You: Daaamn, I forgot to sleep. Shits** its 5 am.

  Well, you get the idea… or maybe you don’t. I could easily keep that going since I have more than 10 ways that conversation would progress. However, my favorite is that He gets to take her on a date (Tinder girl), and in fact ends up getting the girl after a night of partying and binge drinking. Everything was fvckn great!!!

I want you to realize something… The game never ends!

Your mind and society convinces you to get that thing (phone) and you will be happy forever. Then getting the thing creates the need for more, you want more, need more, crave for more, maybe you would even do anything for more… Then somehow, we still want to be happy, like that dude on Instagram, Facebook, or like the TikTok legend I met on a stoner memes page on Twitter. Wait, what? Anyways, Checkmate!

Negative self talk pushes you to do both, creating progress. No matter how little…

We are all glued to some wishful thinking branding it positive energy, believing that everything is going to be all right. Hell, we all want to hear that every morning, maybe I will even set it as the alarm tone. Everyone has a seed of greatness in them, just find it, concentrate, and identify your talents and abilities. Look at Michael Jordan, he started form scrap and went on to be great. You can do it!

 Well, I think otherwise and here’s why… Positive thinking is always based on the “self” I am great, I can be this, I can do that and the likes, while on the contrary true heroism even in history originate from the concept of doing things for others. Take a moment and think about it, you feel good about yourself when you do something for someone who appreciates it than doing the very same thing for yourself. No matter how little it is!

 Positive thinking wants us to believe we are the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls, but then what is COVID-19. Some crazy weirdo manufactured the virus in a lab, and killed millions throughout the globe, people who had dreams, plans, and projects for December. And here we are, pretending to captain our ships and someone out here is controlling the sea… Why?? Because of the very obsession with the self. History teaches us that humans evolved for survival… they even made a slogan for it in biology. Survival for the fittest or something. Think about colonization, racism, corruption, jealousy, and maybe even democracy. Majority wins… and what if they are wrong? Wrong is now right??

            Ethics states we are all fucked up in some way, nobody is cool 100% for a fact… actually, the bible too. We are all sinners, aren’t we? And that is why we must learn to hold ourselves, and our ideas suspect rather than fighting to justify whenever we are wrong. We cannot trust ourselves, because truth is; if someone disagrees with me I am most likely to judge their character as bad rather than their ideas. We are all shitty, it takes time, and effort to self-analyze and accept it honestly for what it is. It is uncomfortable and that is why we often should despise all this positivity and be real for an hour or maybe even a day. I so much wanted to say for a lifetime, but that is too much work. I will not say it.

See, here’s the thing, while we all want happiness, thinking about how awesome I am makes me feel good in the moment, but denies me an opportunity to honestly self-assess and maybe improve my poor chewing habit. That is why my philosophy is not on what feels good but rather what feels bad. Being good at feeling bad, is in itself a good thing because I feel good almost all the time. This does not mean I do not care about positive thinking, but I care about the negative self-talk more because it helps me become a better person.

I know I am not that great and I probably suck at hockey, singing, communication, and maybe salsa. But then again I know I am awesome in cooking, or making the best dinner choices. Notice that focusing on the awesome denies me an opportunity to realize I need to improve my pronunciation of “Q” in Queue, and thereby improve my communication.

The future depends on what we do now, and most people spend too much time fixating on the future rather than the now, which is more counterproductive. Positive self-talk ruins any chance of true personal growth by bolstering ego while negative self-talk appreciates diversity. Do not fixate on getting the phone, the house, or whatever you think will make you happy for life, it is all an illusion. Instead, be honestly productive in the moment, and cut people some slack. Because, even you are not as awesome as you think.

Thanks for the read, drop a comment whenever you can… and Be safe!!!

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