Men don’t Gossip.

Men do not gossip, they only share trending news on the pandemic and some other shit! I’m one person who is very lazy, so I work with having a lot of sticky notes all over my house to constantly remind me what I need to do. So, one of the sticky notes reads “If you … Continue reading Men don’t Gossip.

You are Not that Great.

Let’s assume I wrote the philosophy of my life somewhere on a stone tablet but the bad guys came and broke it. Now, I’m so famous and someone asked me to talk about the philosophy. Here is what I would say… A philosophy of life is not some conceptual model that you follow when it’s … Continue reading You are Not that Great.


Perhaps you may/may not be familiar with the famous phrase, ‘Black Wall Street.’ Nonetheless, the phrase referred to the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), where the early 20th century African Americans created a self-sufficient and prosperous business district. Today, the name commonly refers to districts occupied by African Americans with high economic activity. When … Continue reading BRIGHTER DAYS: WE CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM WHO WE ARE

They said, our noses run, but the feet smell.

"We should spend our lives questioning many of the things we've been taught and told. An inquisitive mind is an amazing thing. Absorbing information is important. Accepting everything you've been told as fact is laziness."Harry Petsanis Psychology defines emotion as the complex feeling that influences behavior due to physical and psychological changes. There are three … Continue reading They said, our noses run, but the feet smell.

What is Meditation?

Before I began practicing meditation, I read a couple of books, psychology research papers, blogs, articles and a religion based book to try and understand meditation from a spiritual perspective. One foundational concept constantly reappearing during my reading was consciousness (addressed in another article), although meditation was often interpreted differently. Some people believe deeply thinking/contemplating … Continue reading What is Meditation?