Have we met??

Welcome to The Great Last Lines

Hi, I’m Charles officially but with plenty of street names as you’ll soon find out…


I have always pictured myself starting a blog; it’s a shame that despite having massive knowledge on computers, I always pictured it to be such a huge process, and so, I gave up. Now that you are reading this, turns out it’s actually not that hard. Someone said that I needed to do a piece on myself, Introduce who I am, what this blog will be about and such stuff so here I am. Upgrading soon too.

I like these crazy and to an extent weird things most people wouldn’t suppose. I’m a Microbiology graduate, a Chelsea fan, I know a thing or two about computers, I do meditate, writer (started writing for money but later loved it), I often play Table tennis, and I’m a proud Chess board owner. Recently, I have divulged into business hoping to learn a thing or two before I’m too old and tired of learning anything else!! Make hay while the sun still shines they say. I’m an upcoming blogger too, don’t you think??

Why I am starting a blog is very clear; I have always wanted to; what is unclear is what I will discuss here yet. But if you are looking forward to understanding two, or three interesting concepts on humans, stay close.

Ooh and I am learning Spanish as well so… Muchas gracias, y un placer conocerte!!

A bunch of posts lined up…

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