They said, our noses run, but the feet smell.

“We should spend our lives questioning many of the things we’ve been taught and told. An inquisitive mind is an amazing thing. Absorbing information is important. Accepting everything you’ve been told as fact is laziness.”

Harry Petsanis

Psychology defines emotion as the complex feeling that influences behavior due to physical and psychological changes. There are three parts to an emotion

  • Subjective aspect
  • Physiological aspect
  • Expressive aspect

The subjective aspect determines how you experience the emotion. Subjective feelings are part of our daily lives and may include feeling ill, having a good day with family, friends, or whomever makes your day tingle. The highlight of this gospel is “emotions are highly subjective” since our experiences are different. When someone says, Mike is angry, that conveys a certain amount of meaning; but when someone says Mike is very angry, this is different. Especially if you are the one who made him angry. The intensity of each emotion we experience depends on the why, what, and by how much.

Emotions also trigger physiological responses, those they target with the lie detectors, if those things actually exist. Accelerated heartbeats, stomach lurches, shivering… these sell outs are as a result of the physiological body responses. I once heard these meme lords sneak up some cheesy advice to women “If you want to know if he is cheating, lean on his chest, left side of course, and ask the million dollar question” then listen in and watch on biology doing its magic. Of, course, this does not work, it never works. Please don’t do that!!

The expressive aspect… This is the most important because this attempts to explain how we behave in response to these emotions. Meditation, overall, teaches you how to master this attribute. Although that is inherently, wrong, because meditation actually goes beyond the expressive component to the physiological and to an extent the subjective component. Anyway, the expressive element is what most of you are familiar with.

You wonder why I felt the need to let you in on that but, hey… This quarantine period has everyone going nuts. With children around, some dads, some mums, and some guardians, staying at home may not be as fun as some of y’all may want it to be. Mastering your emotions, will enable you to shut that guy, I call him Jugs, who is always saying things at the back of your head.

Now, here’s what I’m thinking… Does tomorrow exist? What is time, seriously though; is it time or clocks? Wait, how do you throw away a garbage can? Is it even called a garbage can or a dustbin? And, why are the dustbin’s supposed to collect dust when they have perforations all around? They said, our noses run, but the feet smell. Another asked me if I was telling the truth because I was lying in bed.

I’ll make a case. If your grandmother’s grandmother’s mother were to rise from the dead right now, and witness just mundane things like M-pesa, Zoom video chats, E-learning, not to mention wireless technologies such as chargers, smart TVs, Alexa… and other smart tech. Don’t you agree that her most likely first reaction would be instant death??

Visionaries are considered crazy ahead of their time and world records are considered as the ultimate human limits until someone comes and breaks them. What we perceive as normal may not even exist. Try telling the father to your grandmother about multi-dimensional theories. Hell, try telling your grandmother. Your mothers… lets not go there. We live in a time when everything has someone fighting for it, and increased technological connectivity is destroying human relationships instead of enhancing them.

Tell me something, given a choice between having a shitty neighbor who doesn’t give a fuck and a kind, respectful, honest neighbor who would you pick? Okay, better still lets run a thought experiment. Imagine a world where you would customize the character traits of your friends, girlfriends, and so on, choosing the most important spheres as they do when shopping for electronics. Specifications is the word!! Do you agree with me if that were possible, things would be much easier? That when you met a person, you without a doubt knew, within an instant, his specifications, just like you do when you see the words “Camon 11”. I believe the world would be so much peaceful if people saw each other for who they really are, that way its easy to accept what you truly cannot change.

Unfortunately its not like that and human beings are in their own mundane values contentious. If people disagree among families, then it is terribly ignorant to assume anyone can make millions of people agree on anything. Even democracy thrives on the principle that you have to respect the people you do not agree with. As such, I reflect to Mr. Petsanis wisdom “We should spend our lives questioning many of the things we’ve been taught and told. An inquisitive mind is an amazing thing. Absorbing information is important. Accepting everything you’ve been told as fact is laziness”.

I have interacted with mentally defeated people in the past. Some of them close. People who believe that because they are weak in something, that can never change. Glued to their imaginations and making no effort towards self-improvement. Maybe this life is just a game, and wouldn’t you rather play the up to date version rather than the old model?? Maybe we are all on a treasure hunt, like Jumanji break the rules, break the norms, ignore normal, despise normal, change the rules. We only live once, be inquisitive, do not settle, explore, and as once said, no man discovered great riches by sitting.

True self-improvement is only achieved through questioning the very things we hold dear, what we have been told, and taught. Questioning what we believe in!!! Try changing your perspectives; reconfigure your perceptions, how you react, and tone them with what aligns with your true beliefs and values, irrespective of the noise out there. Its about I, it has always been about the I, if it starts becoming about “them” sit back and question your values and beliefs. This is what they call emotional intelligence, the ability to objectively pause and think, rationally, before reacting. To change the world, you need to change yourself first; humanity above all. Stay safe

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